December 16, 2009

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is an old time classic. However, it does not only relate to your children, or grand children. It is not only a bedtime story. The magic in that book lies in its simplicity. It touches, without saying too much, or doing it in a complicated language. Reading the book provides the reader with the perfect escape from the reality. In times where everybody is serious, where people are bound to enter the “grown up’s” world, pretty early, Alice helps them escape. The book was written by Lewis Carroll, for entertainment of a favorite friend. Well, it sure entertains. As well as it conveys some very important messages, which only children truly know, and adults have already forgotten. “Everything is possible”, is the most important of them. The book truly proves that point. When leaving it the reader expects to see a talking rabbit or an evil queen, just around the corner. And he may as well, notice them this time. The magic adventure of Alice is much more interesting, given the fact that there would be a movie based on it staring Johnny Depp, pretty soon. Well, it would certainly be better to refresh your memory of Alice as a child, reading the lovely book, and then watch her as a grown up in the movie. .
Many people seem to believe that Alice has been created for entertaining purposes only. And so what? Even accepting that hypothesis, there is nothing bad of taking some time off our busy schedule, and entering a place where time does not exist. I believe that Alice can be read hundred times, and it would still have a different meaning. It depends what is your physical and mental condition, are you happy or dissatisfied, but no matter what it is certain that in the end you would be content and a little more cheerful.
The question which Alice raises “Who am I? “and is she the same person as this morning is also something to which people can relate to. I believe that Alice's Adventures in Wonderland teaches people individuality, a quality that is not very common nowadays. Alice cannot be commercialized, or copied. She is unique. As I believe everybody should be, and this does not depend on age or skin color. That makes the massage of the book universal.
The only thing left for you is to buy and read the book during the holidays. Or maybe give it as a present to a special friend? What better way to say :“I love you for who you are”, to your beloved people 

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