January 12, 2010

Why people are attracted to dangerois sports or other dangerous activities?

Bungee jumping, parachute jumping,rafting- a variety of dangerous sports exists. However, not everyone wants to try them or supports their practice. My opinion is that sports involving risk are fascinating because they really take your breath away, they relieve your stress.
To begin with, the dangerous sports provide the perfect break from the monotonous everyday life. If your work is stressful, or you have become too anxious lately the extreme activities are the solution. When you jump off a bridge every thought connected to your work or office disappears. Even for a very short time, the problems diminish. However, there is no guarantee that one bunji jump will put all your life in order-nevertheless, it is worth trying.
Furthermore, the adrenaline, which enters your blood while you are doing a parachute jump, for example, provides you with energy and enthusiasm. Maybe during those precious seconds while the parachute is still not open your life-perspective may be altered. Maybe you will find the answers to all questions. However, those are just possibilities, the only certain factor is that you will become more experienced and hopefully happier person. At least while the adrenalin is still in your blood. Thus, your state of mind sill be changed.
Moreover, a famous quote says" Life does not count by the minutes you've lived, but by the moments that have taken your breath away." A bunji jump would surely take your breath away and provide you with memorable and unforgettable experience for the rest of your life.
There exist different reasons why people are attracted to dangerous activities. However, probably the most important of them lies in our hearts. The desire to take risks in order to test our limits and thus, find who we are. The desire yo try everything, so we would have what to tell when we get old. Last but not least, to find an escape from the everyday life.

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