January 14, 2010

My Reflection

When I was assigned writing this blog I was skeptical at first. I didn’t know if I would feel comfortable sharing my interests and writing with other, probably unfamiliar people. Being a follower of various blogs for a long time my assumption was that it acquired a high level of informatics education and probably many other difficult skills. However, as my work on the assignment began my perception was totally changed. I began to be eager to post my newest work on the blog. I started searching for inspiration in different places: movies, music, books, and the internet. Even links of my blog were given to few of my friends outside the classroom. This was a stimulus for me to try to do the pieces in a more interesting manner, to improve the blog’s layout and features, and to include various links or videos in the posts.
My belief is that this blog represents me in the best way possible for the small amount of works. The posts in it are reflection of my interests and state of mind. What I took for this experience, though, was not the sole ability to express myself a little more freely, but also to observe how others manage to do it. Reading my classmates and also Kentucky students blogs inspired me sometimes, or just made me think in a different way: it broadened my horizons.
Last but not least, I would remember my two partners from Kentucky. Sadly, the first one dropped out of the program, but the work of my second partner, Amy, is amazing. Reading and not always understanding her precise style and wonderful peaces made me improve mines, at least a little bit. As a conclusion, I believe that during those months of writing in the blog many things have changed, including me, and my belief is that this can be seen through my work.

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